About Welcome to [Take me high] !
This is the creation CG exhibition site of the individual management by a janitor's "Takelu Romina".
It is the site of Japanese which Japanese people made.
Therefore, I think that it is not suitable for perusal from a foreign country.
(This text is written using the translation site.)
The janitor made carefully all of the picture and text which are used to this site.
It is glad that I have you take to a picture.
But I want it to turn out that it made carefully.
Although it is glad that I have a picture introduced, being introduced by the method which I do not desire is disagreeable.
Please introduce the site itself rather than please bringing a picture to introduce my picture to other men.
For the author of a picture, even if I have you introduce with much trouble, by the method which it does not desire, it is very sad.
I want you who took to the picture for me who made the picture to prize.
To the site in Japan, it is only the author who thinks that I want you to prize similarly what he made.
Since he does not want to make a great cause into sad recollections, please understand.
If it is an English text, it can read using a translation site.
Please use English or Japanese, when you contact me.
Please write the following information, when you introduce this site.

AboutLink [Take me high] Although it is not needed, if the permission in the case of introducing has a report, it is glad.
A connection address is here.
Don't connect with any places other than here.

■Title:Take me high 
■Master :Takelu Romina
■Explanation:[Takelu Romina] making CG exhibition site of a hobby.

Please use the following, if a picture is required when introducing.
Updating of site information changes a picture.
In order to write simply, please use copying the text under a picture.
Please do not download this picture.

[Take me high]
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[Take me high]
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